How to clean smokin tex electric smoker

Smokin Tex electric smoker is a top quality electric smoker that has served thousands of users over the years. It has simple but effective features that make its very easy to use. Just like other types of electric smokers, this one makes use of thermometer for checking temperature of the smoker.

It also comes with a recipe book, drip pan, and three stainless steel racks. These are all provided to make it easy and convenient to use. However, maintaining this electric smoker is the best way to enjoy it for a long time. If you want to know how to cleanSmokin Tex electric smoker, the following information will be useful to you.

Clean the cooking chamber

The interior of the smoker should be left to cool down completely before cleaning for safety reasons. Take out the water pan and racks from the chamber. Take care of particle buildup by brushing every side. Use a bristle brush or sponge to brush the interior surface. Them gather all the residues and dispose properly.

If you are going to use bristle brush, make sure there is no bristle left in the smoker after cleaning. Wipe off everything with a clean cloth and get it ready for later use. However, your cleaning task is not done yet. There are other areas you need to clean.

Wash other removable parts

Wash the drip tray, water pan, as well as cooking racks with warm soapy water. To make the clean task easier, you can oil based spray or coat the surface of the cooking racks with vegetable oil.

This will significantly reduce the cleaning work you have to do.  Otherwise the cooking chamber interior will get dark after prolonged use. By then, there may be nothing you can do about it. So, it’s important to coat the surface with oil to sustain the interior of the smoker.

Clean The Exterior

The smoker’s exterior also needs cleaning. With a slightly damp cloth, clean the outside of the smoker to make sure any oil or food particle is cleared. Wipe off the door seal using a warm damp cloth. It’s important to keep the exterior section of the smoker clean to avoid buildup of dirt. It could cause that area to rust if not properly cleaned.

Clean the temperature probe and thermostat

The temperature probe and thermostat may be small, but if there are buildups on them for a long time, it could affect its overall performance. Use a damp cloth to clean the temperature probe. But do not soak the cleaning material too much. Also, you should not immerse them or place them under water.

After cleaning, it is important to dry the electric smoker completely before using. This will prevent any form of electric shock when using the smoker.